Monday, December 17, 2012

Tips on Decorating the Dining Room for an Elegant Feel

Our dining room is where we gather to eat, talk, and enjoy one another’s company. It’s where we bond together, commune with guests, as well as talk and laugh our hearts (and tummies!) out. Indeed, our dining room holds a very special place for us—it’s where we share some of the best moments in our lives. So, why not enrich that experience even more by making your living look more elegant! Believe me, it won’t cost you a small fortune, but the impact is way beyond any monetary benefits could give (although, of course, a refurbished dining room could boost your home’s value). If you want your family and friends to cherish every moment they spend dining with you, then, check out some of your best dining room decorating tips and make your dining room even more lo

1.  Look for inspiration

Elegant dining rooms all center in one motif or period theme. Decide what you want. Do you want a trendy, modern and eclectic design? Or you prefer a Victorian, Georgian, or perhaps, Federal theme? Try to check out books, magazines and the Internet for inspiration and make sure to incorporate these period themes on your dining room makeover.

2.  Choose a color theme.

Pick two or three main colors then additional complimentary colors to add more life and excitement to your dining room. For example, brown and green could perfectly work well as the room’s main color themes, while for complimentary colors lighter or darker shades of ivory, beige and light green are excellent additions.  

3.       Mount Elegant Corner Moldings in Dining Room Doorways

Corner moldings add a touch of class to any dining room, whether it’s big or small. You can attach them on corners and make a rather unnoticeable area more pleasing and interesting. To make the best of the design, make sure to splurge your corner molding with a nice paint that complements the color stream of the interior. Corner moldings that look complementary could leave the illusion that they are actually put in place from the start, thus, adding a more touch of elegance to your room.

4.       Change your centerpiece every now and again

Centerpieces serve as the focal point of everyone’s eyes when they step inside the dining room. As they say, first impressions last, everyone’s impression on your kitchen will really depend on what comes first into their sight. Elegant, unique, and eye-catching centerpieces have to grace your table setting, so always be creative enough to make a switch, perhaps, every month, or every season, whichever you prefer. Showcasing holiday centerpieces is also another way of making everyone fill the spirit of the occasion and you will always find them abundant and affordable in department, home improvement, and craft stores. If you have a fresh supply of blooms, fruits, or local produce in your garden, you may also opt to make them as your dining area’s main focal point, which adds a bit of warm and hospitality to your home.

A little bit of creativity could surely lead to a more elegant and chic room, even if you don’t splurge on your bucks on it. Check the internet, read home improvement magazines, or ask your friends to get some of the best, most unique and most eclectic ideas that you can incorporate in transforming your dining area from a mere space where everyone eats to the place where your family and friends want to be.

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