Monday, October 29, 2012

What Color Shutters Should I Select for My House?

Shutters can add a great deal of character to a home. Depending on the style and color of those shutters, the effect will greatly enhance the curb appeal of the property. After spending time choosing the best shutter style, you must turn your attention to identifying the right color. Here are some tips that will help with the process. 
Current Accent Colors
One approach calls for utilizing the colors already used on the home’s exterior. Depending on the style of the home, you may find it helpful to repeat the color used for the trim work, the front door, or the window facings. This approach can pave the way for providing greater continuity in the color scheme used for the home. You will also find this strategy to be somewhat safe, assuming you happen to be fond of the colors already in use.
Keep in mind that you don’t necessary to replicate the existing colors with the shutters. You can use the current color scheme as inspiration for adding some new color to the mix. Go with something that works well with the other color choices and also provides the benefit of calling attention to the beauty of your windows. You may be pleasantly surprised at how this approach enhances the look of your home. 
How About the Landscaping?
You can also get some ideas for colors by taking a good look at your landscaping. Is there a recurring color that seems to run throughout the landscape of the home? If so, that color can be the ideal choice for the shutters. Try to stay away from using a color that is predominant in the landscaping and focus your attention on one of the secondary colors. This will help to visually draw out the color in the landscaping and give the home and the yard a slightly different appearance. 
What are the Neighbors Up To?
You may also find some inspiration by taking a walk around the neighborhood. Make a note of the colors that others are using for the exteriors of their homes. Pay close attention to homes that are very similar in architecture to your own. If those homes happen to sport shutters, that’s all the better. To help with the process, take along a notebook and jot down comments about any color schemes that you want to consider. 
Call a Professional
You know there are designers who work with interiors, but did you also know that some decorating professionals also focus on the appearance of exteriors. Along with helping create interesting landscapes, these professionals can also provide practical suggestions for the color of your shutters. If you seem to be getting nowhere with finding the ideal color, don’t hesitate to call on the services of a professional. A quick consultation will provide several ideas that are well worth considering.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How To Avoid Home Improvement Scams

If you’re thinking about hiring someone to work on your home, the last thing on your mind may be protecting yourself from a scam. But unscrupulous contractors – or people posing as contractors – can win your confidence and quickly disappear with your money.

There are precautions you can take to protect yourself against home improvement scams. Before you begin looking for someone to fix your roof or paint your house, consider the following tips:
Ask questions

Before you settle on what contractor to use, you should ask specific questions. If a contractor seems hesitant to answer the following questions, which may be a sign that you should avoid working with that person:
  • When will this project be finished?
  • How much is labor going to cost?
  • How much are the materials going to cost?
  • Will you be using new materials?
  • Can I have your contact information?
  • Can you provide references?
Make sure you get the name, phone number and address for references. A dishonest contractor will have no qualms with giving you phone numbers for his friends. When you ask for detailed contact information, observe how the contractor reacts. Professionals should anticipate that request and be happy to honor it.
Get a written contract

No matter how large or small the project is you need to get a signed contract. Your contract should include details like: project cost, a timeline, a schedule of payment, contact information and the contractor’s signature. The contract will create a legally binding agreement and allow you to sue the contractor if the agreement is not honored.
Listen for clues

Communication is always key when working with a contractor. Make sure the contractor seems attentive when you’re talking about the work you want done. And listen for phrases that may reveal ill intentions, like: “I need to be paid in advance,” or “I was in the neighborhood and noticed your roof needs fixed.” Scam artists will try to create a sense of urgency about work that needs to be done to pressure you into making a hasty decision.
Get more than one estimate

A good rule of thumb is to always get a second opinion when it comes to home improvement projects. It’s OK to shop around and get estimates from a few contractors. Find the contractor who offers use the best materials at the best price, with a timeline that works for you.

As you start looking for a contractor keep all  of these things in the back of your mind. Avoiding a scam doesn’t need to be confusing or time consuming. However, in order to not break the bank and get the best work, you should do a little research and shop around. Take your time and make sure you are hiring a qualified contractor.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Steps to Make Your Home’s Windows Safer and More Secure

Window Protection

An open or unlocked window represents a safety and security risk for homeowners, and especially for any children that may live in the home. Risks come in the form of a child falling from an open window, an unsecured window falling on a child, or an intruder gaining entry into your home. Shattered glass and flying window debris are threats, too.
Luckily, there are steps homeowners can take to make their windows safer and more secure:

·         Protect against falls. Intrusion isn’t the only security risk windows present. An open window – or a damaged or improperly installed window – poses a danger of falling, especially for small children. Secure your window with child-proof locks. When opening a window for ventilation, only open windows that small children can’t reach. Add window guards to prevent children from crawling through slightly open windows.
·         Choose impact-resistant windows. Flying glass represents another safety and security risk. Impact-resistant windows are constructed with laminated glass and durable framing materials to reduce the risk of flying glass during wind storms and other inclement weather. Impact-resistant windows also improve home security. Since impact-resistant glass stays in the frame when broken, forced entry into your home is more difficult and time-consuming.
·         Install multi-point locks. Many homeowners mistakenly believe replacing locks after a move is sufficient protection from a home intrusion. But replacing an existing lock with a new, low-quality lock doesn’t enhance security. Multi-point locks provide additional defense against burglars.

Few home improvement projects boost your safety and security at home as much as replacing windows that aren’t secure. If your windows are old, worn out, or damaged, replace or repair your windows today – your family’s safety is worth it.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Top 6 Home Improvement Ideas You Should Know

When it comes to home remodeling projects, there is a wide range of available options. You can spend a small fortune and make a major investment in your home, or you can spend less than a thousand bucks and still enjoy a beautiful new look. Here are a few home improvement ideas you should consider before you get started.

•     Expand Floor Space to Boost Home Value
Additions provide you with additional floor space and increase your home’s value. The key is to make sure that you don’t overbuild your home for the neighborhood. Adding an addition with one or two rooms will give you the space you need for company, another child or the home office of your dreams. It’s a reasonable adjustment that should boost value while keeping you in line with the neighborhood.

•     A Coat of Paint for a Fresh Look
A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. One of the most affordable home improvement projects you can invest in, it makes the entire home look fresh and clean. If you are preparing your home for the market, it will give you the greatest return on your investment.

•     Think Efficiency to Save Money
The cost of heating and cooling your home is rising, and it isn’t going to come down anytime soon. Projects that make your property more energy efficient are always a smart choice. Start by sealing heating and cooling ducts, adding insulation to the attic and crawlspace and investing in additional insulating around fixtures and light switches. From new windows to beautiful energy efficient doors and extra rolls of attic insulation, you will save money by making the home more energy efficient and increase the value of your property.

•     Organize the Home for Efficiency and Value
People are always looking for more storage space, and a well-organized home is an attractive one. Add closet organizers to the bedrooms, extra shelves to the linen closet and additional storage in the basement. Any project that adds storage space in an attractive and efficient way is a smart investment in your home. In addition to making your home more valuable, you are also sure to love how much easier it is to find items when you need them.

•     Improved Security for Now and in the Future
You will always appreciate the feeling of a secure home. Invest in anti-kick doorjambs that will make your front door stronger. Put security locks on patio doors to keep burglars out, and add quality deadbolts to the door connecting the home and garage. The changes are affordable, and they will provide you with extra peace of mind now and in the future.

•     Beautiful Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety
Landscape lighting looks attractive when the sun sets and your garden or walkways are illuminated. Gently guiding people as they walk up to your front door or move around the garden, these lights are easily installed and boost curb appeal. They also help deter thieves and make it safer for friends and family to walk around your property.

There are countless ways to improve your property. Adding space, storage, energy efficiency and safety, any of these changes will make your home more enjoyable while adding value to it. Most of them are also surprisingly affordable. Your home is an investment, and you can use these improvements to transform it into one that you are proud of and enjoy

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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012 Homeshow


Ladies and Gentlemen of Utah and areas there round about, the October Homeshow is about to fall upon us! In less than two weeks Stanfield Shutter, as well as many other Home Improvement companies, will be participating in this wonderful event.

The dates and times are as follows:

Friday October 12 2PM-10PM

Saturday October 13 10AM-10PM
Sunday October 14 11AM-6PM

We will be offering free VIP complimentary tickets to any who 'like' us on Facebook or comment on this blog post! 

We hope that many of you will take advantage of this wonderful offer!