Monday, October 22, 2012

Steps to Make Your Home’s Windows Safer and More Secure

Window Protection

An open or unlocked window represents a safety and security risk for homeowners, and especially for any children that may live in the home. Risks come in the form of a child falling from an open window, an unsecured window falling on a child, or an intruder gaining entry into your home. Shattered glass and flying window debris are threats, too.
Luckily, there are steps homeowners can take to make their windows safer and more secure:

·         Protect against falls. Intrusion isn’t the only security risk windows present. An open window – or a damaged or improperly installed window – poses a danger of falling, especially for small children. Secure your window with child-proof locks. When opening a window for ventilation, only open windows that small children can’t reach. Add window guards to prevent children from crawling through slightly open windows.
·         Choose impact-resistant windows. Flying glass represents another safety and security risk. Impact-resistant windows are constructed with laminated glass and durable framing materials to reduce the risk of flying glass during wind storms and other inclement weather. Impact-resistant windows also improve home security. Since impact-resistant glass stays in the frame when broken, forced entry into your home is more difficult and time-consuming.
·         Install multi-point locks. Many homeowners mistakenly believe replacing locks after a move is sufficient protection from a home intrusion. But replacing an existing lock with a new, low-quality lock doesn’t enhance security. Multi-point locks provide additional defense against burglars.

Few home improvement projects boost your safety and security at home as much as replacing windows that aren’t secure. If your windows are old, worn out, or damaged, replace or repair your windows today – your family’s safety is worth it.

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