Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Settle For More

 Do not settle for less; go for the best

What is Home Improvement? What does it mean to you? It is safe to say that a large percentage of people today do not comprehend the importance of home improvement and the benefits that it would endow to them and society.

The phrase “Home Improvement” is pretty self explanatory, meaning to “improve your home” from its current state. You may believe that your home is fine just the way it is or maybe that it needs no more improvement.

Face it; those are false ideas and beliefs. Your home can always use a bit more. It may be repainting your bedroom, cleaning the carpet, putting in a new flower garden, or just simply trimming the bushes. Whatever it is, your home will look fresher, cleaner and more beautiful than it was before.

Do not settle for less; go for the best. With simple acts of home improvement you will be benefiting society, the worth of your home and even dear old Mother Nature. Make a list of those little things to be done around the house, put on your working gloves and get to work. When all is said and done you will sit back and see the changes influence you, society and Mother Nature.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Décor Tips For Hallway

The Webster dictionary defines a hallway as an entrance hall or corridor of a house. But a hallway need not necessarily be on the front. A hall that is a connecting point to all the rooms of the house can also be called a hallway. Whatever be the definition of hallway, its décor should be given due importance.

The most commonly seen hallways are long ones with walls on both sides.  But some hallways can have staircase going up from there. Hence the type of décor one adopts should depend on the type of hallway. The first thing to be decided is whether the hallway should have furniture or not. If it is decided to use furniture, then the best option would be to go for tables for displaying artifacts and other décor items. A mirrored table placed as such can be a good addition to any hallway décor. If the hallway is slightly broader then display cabinets can be used to display décor items. 

Next to furniture comes the lighting. Hallway can be lighted using chandelier, wall scones, floor lamp or any other form of lighting which one desires. It is also a good idea to use spot lights to highlight some point of the hallway. If the hallway has staircase going up from there, then wall scones can be placed on the side of the staircase. A designer lamp or candle placed on the hallway table can also be a good source of lighting.  

Once the lighting is decided then other accessories need to be decided upon. A hallway wall can be left plain or one can go in for a gallery like appearance. A cluster of photos with matching frames can be used or a big photo frame with a collage of family pictures can be kept as wall décor. If photos are not the desired décor item, then different varieties of wall hangings, designer clocks, art work, mirrors etc can be used. Another item that is widely seen in hallway décor is carpets. This can be long ones to cover the entire stretch of the hallway or small rug type ones. This again is completely a personal choice.

Whatever the type of décor used, one should keep in mind that hallway is the entry point to a home. Hence it should be decorated in an aesthetic manner and according to the general mood of the house.

Author Bio: The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specializing in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. Please visit her blog http://decoreview.com.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Minute Summer Home Improvements

 Change is Good, and it is Good to Change
Keep the Summer Alive

As summer is slowly coming to a close and we edge closer into fall, now would be a good time to do some last-minute touch-ups to the décor of your home. Home improvement can always be done, all seasons of the year and in all weather, but summer always seems to be the best time of year to just get things done.

Some of the most common improvement ideas, and certainly an important one, is painting projects around the house. It is easy without any special skills and all you will need are some brushes, rollers and the right color that you want. Whether it is painting the bedroom walls, the fence outside or even the trim around the house, painting is a great project to get underway as we near the end of summer.

Have you ever wondered how you could improve the value of your home? Try adding a deck, or at least remodeling the deck you already have! Doing this will improve your house visually and financially, making the living a little more comfortable as well as relaxing on these warm summer days.

Along with the deck, why not improve the landscape outside as well? It is simple, also increases the value of your home and also helps improve the environment. Try planting a new tree or a cluster of colorful flowers, get rid of the pesky weeds, mow the lawn and trim the shrubs. It is simple, good for you and the environment, and makes your home look even more beautiful and improved. Home improvement doesn’t have to be a daunting task; it just needs to be done right.

One more improvement that is always good to do while the sun is still high and hot is to add window coverings. They can be anywhere from drapes to blinds or to shutters, depending on your taste and preference. A bare window is nothing compared to a covered window, especially if the window covering is fresh and elegant like shutters or blinds. Keep the elegance alive in your home and improve your window coverings with custom made interior shutters or blinds! They are user friendly and create a different vibe in your home that is a must-have.

Home Improvement ideas are simple, aren’t they? Change is good, and it is good to change. Keep the summer fresh and start now on planning these small home improvements ideas!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Add Elegance and Style to Your Bathroom

Window coverings can provide elegance and style to your bathroom

Having windows in a bathroom sometimes seems uncomfortable and causes one to feel a lack of privacy. It is important to maintain that level of privacy while also maintaining a certain level of style and elegance to the bathroom. This can be successfully approached through window coverings.

It is necessary to understand and choose the correct window covering. It all depends on what you are looking for; something more flowing and graceful like drapes or curtains, or something more mechanical and resourceful, like shutters or blinds. Any one of these window coverings will improve the overall taste and feel of your bathroom, it is just up to you to decide which one to go with.

Bathroom windows, when compared to windows throughout the rest of the house, should allow more privacy and protect your modesty. If choosing curtains or drapes to help maintain this level of privacy and modesty, try choosing a neutral-colored fabric that can help in softening the presence of windows inside your bathroom. It is also possible to use thin-louvered blinds or shutters in relation to the color scheme present on the walls.

Here at Stanfield Shutter Co., we believe that the best and most reliable window covering for a bathroom window is the Plantation Shutter. With the movable louvers and the supporting tilt-rod, you can give yourself privacy as well as allow sunlight and fresh air to come through the window.

Plantation shutters are also a good idea due to the durability and effectiveness that they have. They are easy to clean, they do not break (or tear) easily like blinds or drapes and they are easily accessible and user-friendly. Also, depending on the moisture exposed to the shutter, you can choose between wooden shutters or vinyl shutters. Vinyl shutters, though more expensive, can resist water damage that is frequent in bathroom settings. However, with whatever shutter that is installed in a bathroom, as long as they are kept dry, then water damage will be left to a minimum.

Window Treatment Tips

  • If using drapes, be sure not to clean the curtains in very hot water so that there is no risk of shrinking or fading them.

  • If using blinds it is important to be very careful not to get them wet. If exposed to water, be sure to dry them as soon as possible.

  • Plantation Shutters do need to be dusted and cleaned occasionally, so do not be too alarmed if they are exposed to water. Just be sure to dry them off and wipe them down.

Affordable Ways to make your Bathroom Look Like New

Anytime you talk about remodeling an entire room no matter how big or small, it can get pretty costly. No worries! There are ways to improve the look or your bathroom without doing a complete remodel. It’s called accessorizing! Do some detail cleaning, throw a coat of paint on the walls and swap some things out for something shiny and new and visitors will never know the difference. Here is a list of a few items you must replace or update in your bathroom to pull this one off.

Bathroom faucets  are the most commonly used and noticed bathroom accessory.  9 out of 10 people who enter your bathroom will use the faucet. From those who use the toilet, to those who use the tub or shower, to those who use neither and go in simply to wash their hands.  With this being said, when looking to make quick and inexpensive improvements to your bathroom, the faucet must be number 1 on your list.

Showerheads  are also another focal point in the bathroom although they are usually behind a shower curtain or shower door. Most of the time shower heads are positioned above shower rods and doors. If yours is one of those, I suggest switching it out to match your new décor. Maybe one that matches the sink and tub faucet would be nice to keep everything consistent.

Towel bars and tissue holders will be seen and used by anyone actually using your bath room so it would be a good idea to update those as well. If your faucets are a brushed nickel finish, try sticking with that for your holders as well. After all, consistency is the key right?

In some instances your faucet may work and looks just fine but your knobs are a little questionable.  Not a big deal, you can purchase new handles and accents to fit your old faucet just fine. Whether you want new plain one on new ones with a crystal or two… it’s doable!

Swapping out an old light fixture for something new can change the look of almost any room. With fancy finishes and unique designs, a new light fixture could possibly steal the shine in your new bathroom.  Either way, adding light to a space that wasn’t there before adds life and allows you to showcase your new space even better.

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Article written by Cassandra Magny for www.goedekers.com