Thursday, August 2, 2012

Affordable Ways to make your Bathroom Look Like New

Anytime you talk about remodeling an entire room no matter how big or small, it can get pretty costly. No worries! There are ways to improve the look or your bathroom without doing a complete remodel. It’s called accessorizing! Do some detail cleaning, throw a coat of paint on the walls and swap some things out for something shiny and new and visitors will never know the difference. Here is a list of a few items you must replace or update in your bathroom to pull this one off.

Bathroom faucets  are the most commonly used and noticed bathroom accessory.  9 out of 10 people who enter your bathroom will use the faucet. From those who use the toilet, to those who use the tub or shower, to those who use neither and go in simply to wash their hands.  With this being said, when looking to make quick and inexpensive improvements to your bathroom, the faucet must be number 1 on your list.

Showerheads  are also another focal point in the bathroom although they are usually behind a shower curtain or shower door. Most of the time shower heads are positioned above shower rods and doors. If yours is one of those, I suggest switching it out to match your new décor. Maybe one that matches the sink and tub faucet would be nice to keep everything consistent.

Towel bars and tissue holders will be seen and used by anyone actually using your bath room so it would be a good idea to update those as well. If your faucets are a brushed nickel finish, try sticking with that for your holders as well. After all, consistency is the key right?

In some instances your faucet may work and looks just fine but your knobs are a little questionable.  Not a big deal, you can purchase new handles and accents to fit your old faucet just fine. Whether you want new plain one on new ones with a crystal or two… it’s doable!

Swapping out an old light fixture for something new can change the look of almost any room. With fancy finishes and unique designs, a new light fixture could possibly steal the shine in your new bathroom.  Either way, adding light to a space that wasn’t there before adds life and allows you to showcase your new space even better.

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Article written by Cassandra Magny for