Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Plantation Shutters....

The autumn brings out beautiful colors with the change in the tree leafs, as well as a chill to the air with Ol' Man winter coming to town.

Stanfield Shutter can help to beautify your home with custom plantation shutters to compliment your autumn colors.  As well, shutters will add to your festive holiday decor with our many styles to choose from.

Plantation shutters are great to insulate your home and to give you protection from Ol' Man winter.  Plantation shutters can have up a 6 R-Value. Helping to keep heat in your home where it belongs on those chilly fall days.

See further below how Stanfield Shutter helped the Landvatter Family of Herriman Utah add to their fall season decor.  Beautifully Stained Basswood Shutters worked great for their home decor.

Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors are great for Shutters. Wide Panels to let the view in as well as all the great natural light you can handle!

 Bi-Pass Shutters Slide in Front of Sliding Glass Door.

  Bi-Pass Shutters slide open for easy access to your back yard patio.....

 BiPass Shutters open with one half fully opening the same way your door slides for a great view and easy access to get in and out of your opening.

 Kitchen Bay Shutters with White window have a great contrasting look....
 A 2" Facer Frame Completes the look around the window as well as covering up an unsightly gaps or spaces between the wall and shutters frame.....

 Entry Sidelite Shutters are great to give you privacy when you need it by your front Door....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Keepin’ it here at Home ... Utah’s Own Shutters...

Stanfield Shutter Company is Utah’s most reputable and oldest custom shutter manufacturer. We have been building your shutters here locally for OVER 60 years!

Buying local in Utah is not only a great way to become more sustainable without a lot of effort, it also helps you learn more about your city. Seek out local merchants the next time you need a product. The reason’s are clear to buy local;

1.  Local Utah businesses produce jobs for local communities.

2.  Local Utah businesses are more likely to utilize local ads, banks and other services.

3.  Local Utah businesses donate more money to nonprofits and are more accountable to their local communities.

4.  Supporting local Utah businesses preserves the economic diversity of our communities and the unique character of our neighborhoods.

5.  Supporting local Utah business is good for the environment, because it cuts down on fuel consumption. Buying locally produced goods reduces the need to ship goods from thousands of miles away and also cuts down on the distances shoppers travel.

Although it may cost a little more in the short term to buy local, there are long term benefits. Buying locally in Salt Lake City helps build your community by increasing employment and developing greener technologies. The quality of local food and goods are often of a higher quality. Also consider that with a higher percentage of money staying in your community, there is more revenue for civic and municipal uses, better schools, and sponsor the arts and letters in your community.

Stanfield Shutter Thanks you for your support as Utah’s oldest and largest custom plantation shutter manufacturer.  For the past 60 years we have worked to beautify Utah homes with our locally made shutters.  We invite you to have Stanfield Shutter show you how adding plantation shutters to your home can improve your homes appeal and environment.  Call today for a free in-home consultation at 801-467-8823 or visit our website at