Thursday, December 20, 2012

Soundproofing Curtains vs. Soundproofing Windows

Individuals who are looking for effective soundproofing have two options to choose from. The first one is soundproof curtains while the second one is residential soundproofing interior windows. Many are probably saying that the first option is better because they are cheaper but in terms of long term benefits, the second one is the runaway winner. Read on and find out why.

Real Costs

From a budgetING point of view soundproof curtains are better since they can be purchased for a low as 10 USD to 25 USD per square meter. In the long run, they may even cost more because the said curtains need to be replaced every once in a while. They may become faded and worn out after many months or years of use. Also, it should be noted that they may not provide the same level of noise control that residential soundproofing interior windows can deliver.

Energy Considerations

In general, most of the residential soundproofing interior windows that are out on the market are manufactured from high-grade double paned glasses that are specifically designed to shun away unwanted noise. Aside from their soundproofing attributes, they also come with tiny air spaces to effectively eliminate heat loss during the winter season and maintain cooler temperatures during summer months.

For this reason, while a couple of dollars can be accumulated with soundproofing curtains, soundproofing window users will definitely save more because of the energy and utility savings that can be mustered all year long.

Home Value

Window treatments, even conventional soundproofing can add value to an old house but curtains are considered as personal choices and do not play essential roles in improving the resale value of a house.
Security Features

Double-paned residential soundproofing residential windows are thicker and tougher than conventional windows. For these reasons, they add better security. They can easily deter thieves and even add protection against strong winds and storms.


While soundproofing curtains may seem the better option because they are cheaper, practical homeowners should bear in mind that they need to look at the long haul and the kind of soundproofing that they want to achieve.

Indeed, there will be additional construction expenses and other fees that need to be settled if the residential soundproofing interior window approach will be chosen. In the end, it is the far better option because of the endless benefits that can be obtained from using sophisticated windows.

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