Monday, December 10, 2012

Garage Door Windows

Home improvements and additions are exciting because the house is customized to the homeowner's specifications; however, sometimes simply deciding what you want is difficult. When renovating the garage or thinking of ideas to make it a bit more attractive, what are the pros and cons associated with adding garage door windows?

The Pros
First of all, the windows will likely make the garage look more appealing and inviting from the outside. When working in the garage, streams of light come through the windows to make it feel less like a cave. Of course, opening the entire door is a possibility, but who wants to do this on a cold winter's day?

Furthermore, sometimes, individuals coming home late at night or in a bad neighborhood might be a little bit frightened to go inside of their garages alone. Looking through the windows will let that person know if it is safe to go inside. Whether the individual is afraid of a criminal or an animal that may have run into the garage, he or she does not have to open the door to find out.

Lastly, if you are looking to add additional style to the exterior of your home, you can add wood shutters to not only your garage door windows, but also on the other exterior windows on your home.

The Cons
Speaking of people and/or animals getting into the garage, this concern is a major one when it comes to having windows in the garage. If someone accidentally leaves a window open, an animal could come in and start a little nest or a family in there. A more dangerous concern is that potential criminals now have more access to the garage. It's easier to break a window than to knock down a garage door. This concern is a major one if the garage is some distance from your house and the houses of your neighbors'. Someone might not hear the glass breaking if a person were to enter.

In order to prevent such a problem from happening, have an alarm system put on the garage door windows for total piece of mind.

Whether you decide to have windows put on the garage door or not is an entirely personal choice. Consider both sides presented above, and go with the plan that is best for you and your family.