Monday, December 3, 2012

Increase Your Home's Value with Water Softener Systems

Did you know that installing a water softener system in your home is a great way to increase the property value? Few people truly realize the many benefits that a water softener gives. Not only will a water softener system improve the quality of the water in your home now, but it is an enticing feature for a potential buyer should you ever decides to sell. Here are a few reasons why a water softener system is so lucrative.

Increases Plumbing Efficiency

Hard water is a pesky problem for any homeowner and eliminating it with a water softener system will definitely increase the value of your home in the eyes of a purchaser. Hard water typically contains build-up of mineral and calcium deposits. Over time, these scale deposits can clog your plumbing, blocking pipes and reducing water flow. Homeowners also tend to notice that hard water reduces the water pressure and flow from shower heads and faucets. Once this happens, expensive repairs are necessary to return things to working order. Softening the water and getting rid of the deposits isn't just a luxury step, but it makes your plumbing system much more efficient and reduces your energy bills, as well as minimizing the chance that your system will need repairs.

Improves Laundry

One advantage to a water softener that is seldom realized is that it actually improves your laundry. Washing laundry in a plumbing system that has hard water can quickly wear clothes down and decreases their life span. Clothes often come out of the wash dingy or not quite clean. Many people look to spend more money on expensive detergents or laundry boosters, when instead it is the water and not the detergent that is the problem. When you install a water softener in your home you will likely notice that your clothes look fresher, get cleaner, and last much longer.

Increases Comfort

Many times people notice a film on their skin after bathing in hard water, and it can contribute to a dry or itchy scalp. With a water softener, skin feels soft and smooth after each shower or bath. This goes a long way in improving the comfort of your home's inhabitants. If you were a potential buyer, wouldn't you be willing to pay a little more for a home where you knew you would be more comfortable?

Makes Cleaning Easier

Hard water deposits can leave stains on your bathtub and sinks, making them hard to clean. Additionally, if you have hard water and are using that water to clean, it is likely won't get very good results. When your home has a water softener system you will find that there won't be any more pesky brown stains and it will be easier to get things looking like new. This alone can increase your home's value, since buyers are naturally drawn to a home that looks clean and fresh, rather than dingy and stained.

It is clear that having soft water greatly improves the value and desirability of any home. The upfront cost of water softener systems quickly pays off in both the short term quality of your water, and the long term value of your home. If your home has hard water, a water softener system is the best way you can eliminate costly hard water, and end up with comfortable water that won't wreak havoc on your plumbing system, your laundry, or your skin.

Jessica Stephens is editor at US Water Systems where you can find a wide assortment of water treatment and water softener systems. She recommends reverse osmosis water systems, and to do the research before you buy.