Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Simple New Home Improvements You Should Make

Too many new home buyers view their new purchase as a burden instead of a blank slate.  What many don’ understand is that a new home should be as homey as any pre-dated, vintage home.  But often new buyers are afraid to tap into their creativity with their new purchase, or think doing so will cost them too much.  Here are three very simple, and very affordable changes you should make to your new home.
Nothing is worse than a new home with plain, bare walls.  Getting some color either through artwork or painting will help ad a unique feel to whatever space you have available in your home.  Consider accenting your furniture color and don’t be afraid to test the possibilities available to you.  Bare walls can become the centerpiece of your home if you take the time to make them unique to you.  We all know new homes can use a splash of color, and it’s never too soon to make changes.
Window Treatments
Windows are so often one of the most overlooked aspects of a home, yet one of the most beneficial to address, regardless of how new your home may be.  Shutters of blinds can provide improved aesthetics to a home as well as increased privacy and efficiency.  With the options available today shutters or blinds can be custom built to meet your visual and financial needs.  Not to mention the money you could be saving keeping the sun out on hot days and letting it in on cooler ones.
Curb Appeal
While many may think that a new home is in need of little improvement for ideal curb appeal, the reality is some easy work could lead to increased curb appeal, resale value and personal enjoyment.  Don’t be afraid to apply new lawn and garden possibilities to your home.  If you have the ability to build a new deck or stone a patio you can reduce your maintenance costs in mowing while increasing the livable and enjoyable space surrounding your home.  While this may be a larger expense than interior window treatments and painting, it can make a huge difference in how you view your new home.
If you’re in the market for a new home or have recently purchased a home don’t let it stay new without being unique to you.  Make the most of your new blank slate and spend some time making some unique improvements you know you’ll be able to enjoy.