Thursday, December 6, 2012

4 Tips to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home through Flower Arrangement

Flowers beautify your home instantly. With a pair of clippers and a few attractive vases and bowls, even a beginner at flower arranging can enhance every room in the house. Growing your own flowers in the yard gives you an inexpensive supply of flowers and the satisfaction of decorating with your own blooms. Florist flowers offer an option for a year-round supply of color and exotic beauties such as orchids, protea, ginger and heliconia. Whether you prefer casual country-style bouquets or structured floral displays, flower arranging offers a creative way to play with color and shapes for decorating.

Create an Entryway Arrangement
A tall display for the entryway creates an eye-catching greeting for guests and sets the mood for your home. If there isn't an entryway, place a floral arrangement directly across from the front door. Vertical arrangements such as gladioli or birds of paradise in a 12 to 14-inch tall vase make a striking arrangement.

Display a Centerpiece
A floral centerpiece makes every meal special and gives your dining area a sensual quality. Orchids and floating candles in a clear dish, a dome arrangement of roses and Queen Anne's lace or a simple bouquet of mixed flowers beautify the table.

Float Flowers in the Bathroom
Scented flowers such as gardenias floating in a decorative bowl add the lushness of nature to the bathroom. The fragrance gives the room a pleasant freshness. Combining flowers that float well, including camellias, water lilies and orchids creates a dynamic display for those who prefer flowers with little scent.

Brighten the Bedroom with a Bouquet
A simple loose bouquet in a vase makes an appealing focal point for the bedroom. Any flowers in season will work for this and you can add greenery such as fern, magnolia leaves, calla lily leaves or bamboo to add more dimensions to the display. A dozen roses filled out into a larger bouquet with babies breath make a romantic bedroom flower arrangement.

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