Thursday, December 13, 2012

4 Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Face-lift

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the home. Whether it’s a small kitchen or a large one, there’s no denying the fact that we’re all at our busiest when we’re there. And since we spend quite some time in this well-loved space, we need to make sure that it’s organized, spick-and-span, and most of all, at it’s most immaculate look. If you think the heavy traffic and activities have made your kitchen a little bit worn out and messy, then, it’s time to give it a little make over. Indeed, you can transform your kitchen for the better! Here’s our top kitchen renovation ideas that will help you refurnish, refurbish and renew your kitchen without ever costing you big bucks.
1. Plan Smart

Having a well-drawn plan, especially on how to do the renovation is the main factor that will bring in more savings to your pocket. So, take time to decide what changes should be implemented. For example, you might skip moving your stove or sink to a different location since it’ll cost you quite some cash.  Likewise, you might want to simultaneously upgrade your lighting while getting the electricity installed. To save time and money while shopping for fixtures, don’t forget to bring a kitchen sketch so it’s easier to locate the right item. 

2. Space Enhancing Window Treatments

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to boost your kitchen’s new look and make more expansive is by enhancing your window treatment. This will do so much to give your kitchen a rather new look, even if you don’t touch most of the fixtures. You may consider getting a light-colored, perhaps neutral, roller-blind to let the natural light inside the kitchen, while still securing your privacy. If your window is located near a sink or where grease and food stains could easily reach it, choose a washable fabric that comes in a more versatile color

3. Repaint those drab wall

Another simple and very affordable face-lift that you can do for your kitchen is to repaint worn out walls to make them look brand new. You can apply it on any surface, from the cabinets and drawers to walls and ceilings. If your kitchen seems dark, then, opt for bright colored options. You will see a great difference on how you have transformed your kitchen from a rather drab, dark and boring space into a more exciting and colorful spot where you’d definitely want to spend more time preparing meals for your family. Since kitchen surfaces should be kept fast and easy to clean, choose satin and semi-gloss paints and don’t forget to apply tough-quality sealant if your timber and wooden floors are painted. This will prolong the aesthetic and quality look of your kitchen and, at the same time, prevent food and water from falling between the grooves. 

4. Reface or Replace Cabinets

If you think your old, wooden kitchen cabinets and drawers are putting a toll on your kitchen’s décor, you may either reface it or total replace it with brand new pieces. If you think they’re still worth giving a second chance, you can sand them and coat with polyurethane or applying a whole different color. If you opt to update your kitchen with brand-new cabinets that won’t cost you so much, opt for cabinets with stuffed particles and solid fronts and you’ll save up to $500.

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