Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Plantation Shutters; What a Home Owner Needs to Know

Plantation shutters, the name says it all.  Plantation Shutters were popular in the days of Southern plantations over a hundred and fifty years ago. Consider though that wooden shutters actually go back as far as to the time of the Romans. During the past few years wooden plantation shutters are making a comeback and are installed in many modern homes, office and apartments.

Breakfast Nook Bay Shutters

Plantation shutters can be made from natural hardwoods, engineered hardwoods (aka composite wood) or water proof vinyl materials. Many homeowners like the idea off an all natural hardwood shutter adorning there windows. These are more aesthetic in many ways, although they are more expensive. However, well made engineered hardwood plantation shutters can also be an aesthetic option and well as a less costly choice. In addition, engineered hardwood plantation shutters are “greener” and offer better insulation.  They are often more durable than their natural hardwood counterparts. Hardwood shutters will warp and get ruined in humid weather, or if they get wet.  Vinyl shutters, on the other hand, will hold up very well in a daily wet area such as a shower window or a kitchen window where the faucet may be very close to the window shutters. These shutters can be installed for any room of the house, the kitchen and bathroom included.

Plantation shutters give you several advantages over regular curtains/draperies.  While there are many less expensive curtains/draperies for sale at local “big box” designer stores or over the internet, most cheap curtains and draperies look put of place or out of style. Higher end more expensive curtains can be a more aesthetically pleasing look; unfortunately, even these will fade over time due to the harsh U-V rays of the sun. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, will function beautifully as compared to curtains/draperies for decades. Also consider it is less expensive to buy good quality plantation shutters than it is to buy good quality curtains/draperies.

Dining Room Bay Window

It is also much easier to clean plantation shutters than it is to clean curtains or draperies. Curtains and draperies have to be taken down, washed, dried and then hung up again. This can be quite tedious, and most people have better things to do with their time. On the other hand, quality plantation shutters are very easy to maintain and clean. If the plantation shutters are made from genuine natural hardwood, then one should never clean them with a wet rag or cloth. Rather, it is better to use a vacuum soft brush attachment to clean and gently vacuum the shutters when desired.  It is also a good idea to avoid getting engineered hardwood plantation shutters overly wet, although these shutters can be wiped with a damp cloth as needed to remove small finger prints or dust and then dried immediately there after.

Plantation shutters also give you the homeowner greater privacy. In addition, Plantation shutters work great for a bedroom as they will block out most of the natural light, thus allowing one to sleep in as desire by control the light.  There are some room darkening curtains/draperies that do the same thing, such curtains/draperies are often very, very expensive.

Office/Study Shutters

When buying plantation shutters for your home,eowner may have shutters installed along with sheer curtains or draperies. The look with having plantation shutters along with sheer curtains can be nice. Having a thinner sheer curtain installed also can provide a homeownis a good choice to blend or match the shutters to your casings or interior doors.  Neutral color choices are a good idea as well; this will give you options for future design and color schemes.  If you have white shutters and you want to repaint your walls an off-white, then you can plan and blend the color to your desire.  On the other hand if you have purple shutters and want to change your wall color you may need to go to the extra cost and expense to repaint your shutters. 

Plantation shutters are not only a simple clean look but also aesthetically pleasing to the room. Stanfield Shutter plantation shutters come in many styles and colors.  In some cases, a homeowner may have shutters installed along with sheer curtains or draperies. The look with having plantation shutters along with sheer curtains can be nice. Having a thinner sheer curtain installed also can provide a homeowner with the option of having some privacy without having to block out all natural light from coming through the window.

From traditional, modern to commercial Plantation shutters are a good option for almost any home owner. Stanfield Shutter company shutters come in many different colors and can be custom color matched to fit your personal tastes.  Many Shutter shapes and styles can be made from natural hardwood or engineered hardwood.  A home owner should choose a material, color and style of shutters that is right for their home. Plantation shutters will last for years as long as they are properly cared for and cleaned.  Over all, plantation shutters are a great investment! They are aesthetic, durable, practical and a great value for the money.