Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Look Through Plantation Shutters

A Look through Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters of the present day have evolved like never before.  Plantation shutters are essentially a covering for your homes window openings.  Shutters are versatile in the way they can close off your windows from the outside world; as well as, block the sunlight when needed.  They also offer great privacy for your home with environmentally friendly insulating benefits too.  Shutters have and can be used as functioning exterior window shutters or functional interior window coverings.

Curtains be gone!
Have you ever wished you never had to struggle with handling your window curtains again? Curtains can be over bearing, challenging, and expensive to clean and maintain.  With shutters you can enjoy that beautiful refreshing breeze again without having your curtains blowing like a free spirit in your living room.  With the use of plantation shutters you can throw those curtains out or make play clothes from them, just like Maria did in the Sound of Music for the Von Trapp children.

Let the Sunshine IN!
The use of shutters for dwellings goes all the way back to the 15th century where they were used in Europe and South America. During that period of time window shutters had a very basic purpose which was to act as a type of barrier from elements of the weather.  Shutters also served to provide security and could allow sunshine through their wooden boards. These narrow boards situated at a particular angle within the window opening could control the sunlight that would enter into a room.  In addition, the spaces between the boards allowed air flow through the panel to help cool a room on a hot day.  This style of shutter is still used today and is commonly known as the Plantation shutter.

Bring Plantation shutters into your home!

You do not need to live on a plantation to have plantation shutters.  You can have all the elegance and benefits of plantation shutters in your home today.  More than ever plantation shutters give you great sun blocking ability; as well as, allowing you to open up your windows to let the sun shine in as you desire.  The evolution of shutters over the centuries includes the use of a movable flat blade slats mounted into the shutter panel called ‘louvers’.  The louvers of the shutters are horizontal and can be adjusted with a vertical tilt bar which runs down the middle of the shutter panel.  During the early parts of the 1800’s many southern plantation homes had shutter on the interior of their windows.  So the plantation shutters received their known name from their initial use in this type of homes in the southern ‘Plantation’ style of the United States.

Custom Plantation Shutters for you!

Today’s plantation shutters can be made from an array of materials, paint colors, wood stained finishes and sizes. You can completely customize your plantation shutters according to the décor of your home or the unique style of your own personality.  No matter the shape of your windows from rectangular, arched, angled, octagonal, or circular openings plantation shutters give you fully functioning window fashions that will last and last.  Your plantation shutters will add to your home a warming charm like no other type of window fashion can.  Giving your home an elegant look with quality craftsmanship is easy as calling Stanfield Shutter Company. For OVER 60 years Stanfield Shutter Company has manufactured custom shutters along the Wasatch front.  Give us a call today for ideas or a free in home consultation at 801-467-8823