Friday, September 21, 2012

Unique Window Treatments

Sunburst Arches and Window Blinds

Most homes have unique windows, whether they are ovals, octagons, triangles, etc. These windows provide personality and contrast to the home, but they also cause challenges to the décor. Sometimes it is challenging to know how to dress an oddly shaped window, but listed below are a few simple tips to consider.

  • Shades or Drapes – These are simple solutions to oddly shaped windows and have a wide variety of style and options to fit any décor of any room. They provide a wide range of options for the selective homeowner and are energy efficient. They do not necessarily need to be maneuvered by chords or poles, but can also be motorized to be moveable by the touch of a finger.
  • Blinds – These are wonderful options for tall, narrow or hard to reach windows. They come in vast varieties of materials and colors, and have several different styles as well. For those large windows or the out-of-reach windows, blinds can be motorized and with that simple touch of a button they will function to any taste or preference.
  • Shutters – These are the most versatile window treatments available on the market. Professional representatives arrive at the home to take measurements of any window to be able to form and accommodate any number of geometric shapes. In addition to its versatility, shutters are a modern and classy way to dress a window.

To summarize, any window can have a window treatment. What is necessary is to decide what treatment best fits the home and what style or design is wanted. Whether it is an octagon, a triangle or an arched window, it can be treated with a window covering.