Monday, April 30, 2012

Shutters are the Eye Lids to your home....

Consider that if windows are the eyes of your home, plantation shutters are the eye lids. Plantation Shutters add a dressy, finished touch to your home, giving it a unique personality and style all its own.

Because the architecture , design and construction of shutters differs from every other type of window covering, we custom design, engineer, and build precision shutters to fit any window shape or opening imaginable.  We use the latest building techniques, machinery, and technology available, and employ the use of a CNC router capable of cutting any shape with pinpoint accuracy. Out shutter engineers are factory trained with Stanfield's proven construction and manufacturing techniques, which results in beautiful high-quality shutters built to last a lifetime.

Eyebrow arches shutters have been a wonderful addition to the shutter industry. These custom built and shaped shutters have opened up a wide variety of interior design possibilities. In order for an arched window to accommodate the inner-panel design the window must be a continuous single jamb without any obstructions separating the bottom square part of the window from the top arched part of the window.

The Eyebrow inner-panel arches built by Stanfield Shutter are unique in the shutter industry. The louvers in our inner-panel arches are fully movable and functional. Even the louvers at the top of the arches are movable thanks to the incorporation of a jalousie rod connecting the upper and lower louvers. 

Another unique attribute of our design is the reinforced joints of the top arched rails and the side stiles. Many manufacturers do not realize that the joints on inner-panel arches suffer more stress then their square counterparts resulting in faulty panels. Stanfield Shutter reinforces the arch joints on all our inner-panel shutters. This reinforcement also allows us to put hinges on these custom shaped windows so you can swing the entire shutter open and closed just like the square shutters. 

In addition, since we manufacture all our shutters from scratch right here in Utah we can also make inner-panel arches out of any material available. A good portion of our competition purchases their shutters or components from national manufacturers, or even from China. This limits their ability to provide you with exactly what you want. In our opinion, close is just not good enough. Whenever you have an eyebrow arched topped window you can’t go wrong with an inner panel shutter built by Stanfield Shutter.