Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Accordion Plantation Shutters, Fold em' as you like....

Bi-fold Shutters – To Open or Not to Open???

Bi-fold plantation shutters are interior wooden/vinyl shutters that are versatile in the way they can be easily hinged open; with the panels folding in towards themselves and then back up against the wall for an open window.

The panels are fixed to one side of the door or window and works on hinges or a track which help the panels slide forward or back. Bi-fold panels resemble the pleated part of an accordion musical instrument; hence their operation has been named an accordion operation.
Let’s talk about the pros and cons of investing in accordion plantation shutters.

To Open;

* Bi-fold accordion shutters are an easy way to open your window shutters for a full view of the outside.

* You don’t have to remove the shutter panels to clean your window.

* The panels fold neatly to one side or the other of the window or door and are compact.

* Your bi-fold shutters from Stanfield Shutter can be custom painted to match your existing interior or the exterior design.

* Bi-fold shutters, as with all shutters from Stanfield Shutter, are very easy to clean and are great for providing light control and privacy in your home.

* You may have a three paneled shutter in your window rather than four panels.  To achieve this Stanfield Shutter hinges one panel open to the left and the opposite two panel’s accordion to the right.  Bi-fold shutters are versatile to fit the needs and configuration of your window and for your convenience.

* Bi-fold shutters can be used to cover windows as well as sliding glass doors.  They are great to use in any space, just name it!

NOT to Open;

* Bi-fold shutters, although compact when hinged open to the side of the window or door opening, do take up a few inches of space from the room.

* Bi-fold shutters are great for accordion usage; however, when the shutter panels are closed within the window opening the folding joints of the bi-fold shutter will block some of your outside view.  For this reason some windows are better situated for single or double paneled shutters.

* The tracks of the bi-fold tracked shutters need to be frequently checked and kept clean. If dust or anything is stuck in the track channel it will be difficult or impossible to move the shutter across the opening until the obstruction is removed.

* Bi-fold shutters for sliding glass doors can be installed to cover any width of door, but the height of the door can present a challenge.

* Bi-fold shutters are not easy to reach or to hinge open in small or tight areas.