Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Savannah Shutters....

Our Savannah Shutter is the most popular shutter line we sell for a number of reasons. First, our Savannah shutters are the most economical shutter we sell. Second, our Savannah shutters do not warp. Third, our Savannah shutters are strong, durable, and made with high quality HDF (High Density Fiberboard). We have been producing shutters since 1949 and for almost half that time natural hardwood, especially Cedar,
was the staple of our shutter construction. Cedar was light, durable, and cost effective. Then, in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s lumber mills, enticed by a number of factors, began researching, developing, and introducing new products that were superior in many ways to natural hardwoods.

In 1966 the prototypes for today’s MDF (medium density fiberboard) were developed and, as time passed and technology improved, HDF (high density fiberboard), a more refined and durable version of MDF, was developed. HDF is a technologically refined natural wood product. First, the wood is refined into long fibrous strands which are cleaned to remove any imperfections, damaging natural resins, pitch, and sap. Then the strands are elongated and further refined to remove any physical imperfections or defects which could lower the product’s performance. Next the fibrous strands are rebound under intense heat and pressure with high grade industrial adhesives, resins, and bonding agents. Finally the product is quality controlled with precise laser instruments to ensure strength, durability, smoothness, and quality. 

Finish craftsmen use HDF when the inconsistencies and uncertainty of natural hardwood could undermine the integrity of the final product. Fine shutter manufacturers use HDF because it preserves the strength and durability of wood while providing the added benefit of a warp-free material. In addition, HDF does not have a natural grain which can hinder the painting process and reduce the overall quality of the final painted product. HDF also produces less waste then unrefined woods which in turn lowers the finished cost of the product. We manufacture our Savannah Shutters with high quality HDF that is durable, warp-free, and economical because we want to put quality in our homes and yours.

The Savannah shutters are the best choice for paint grade (white, off-white, or solid colors) shutters. These shutters are warp free, have a smooth painting surface, retain the same strength and resistance of natural hardwood, and they are more economical! When choosing paint grade shutters almost all of our customers choose the Savannah shutter. When high quality and low cost are major concerns, the Savannah shutter is the best possible choice.

When the shutters are closed virtually all the direct sunlight is blocked out darkening the room significantly. So if the afternoon sun has you running for the basement, just adjust your louver blades to block the sunlight, sit back, and relax in your favorite chair. Over 75% of our orders are for painted shutters, so if you are confused on which type of shutter you should order just remember, you can never go wrong with our Savannah shutter.