Monday, February 14, 2011

Architectural Coves

Many of our customers desire to place shutters on their French doors, but do not know how to achieve an aesthetic look while still maintaining functionality. For customers with knobs on their doors, a simple cutout around the doorknob (below) will suffice.

Customers with handles on their French doors have more of a dilemma. The cutout would not allow for the handle to turn with ease. We have developed the perfect solution to those with handles on their French doors.

Architectural coves are a stunning way to enhance your French doors. Architectural coves are the most popular method of mounting shutters to French doors with decorative handles since they do not take up glass space and they are more aesthetically pleasing. 

In these pictures you can see that Stanfield Shutter custom carves each shutter to fit around the handle. Less experienced manufacturers use a square cut out covering more of the glass space you were trying to preserve and reducing the shutter aesthetics.

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